My body talks to me.  It’s pretty blunt.  I still manage to gloss over its requests, thinking that ignoring my body will make it grow quiet… silly me.

This week my throat complains.  It’s so constrained I can barely swallow.

“We’re stuck, honey,” it says, not unkindly.  You see, my throat isn’t trying to be irritating.  Like my toddler, it sometimes doesn’t know how else to get my attention.

“Remember what it feels like to sing, to speak, to move, and feel your truth in vibrating colors filling a room?”

“Yes,” I say, “such lovely memories.  But there is so much to do and so little time – singing someone else’s song, talking without saying anything, moving stiff jointed to the next thing.”

“Such idle chatter.  Please, just let me do the talking.”

I pull my chin to my chest, “But we’re so exposed, vulnerable to a world of germs and criticism.”



A promise to my achy throat:

A new creative venture!

I’m sorry to have neglected my writing for so long and I’m grateful to my throat for giving me a kick.  This year I will be experimenting with my voice!  My friend, Frank Krebs, presiding bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, and I are creating a podcast.  You’ll be able to subscribe to “A Priest and a Bishop Walk into a Story,” on itunes in early Spring 2016.  And you’ll find new content here with updates on shows and interviews.  Please check back and thanks for reading!


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